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The Purpose Driven School

The Purpose Driven School

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The Purpose-Driven School is a blueprint to educational reform based on practicum. It provides educational leaders with pragmatic tools, tips, and strategies to create vitality in schools. This informative book will give educators, governing boards, parents, politicians, and community members the wisdom, insight, and foresight to make a difference in the lives of students by creating great schools. Education plays a major role in sustaining the progress of not only our country, but the world. Now is the time to make a commitment to educational excellence.
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What sets us apart?

Our Passion

Our founder has been in the field of education and for over 25 years has been living her passion and purpose. She has dedicated her life to improving student learning and providing students with a positive educational experience that transcends into their future. The calling on her life continues to motivate and inspire us to work towards scaling this mission.

Our Execution

We’re creating an impact not just with our promises but with our actionable execution. Offering a wide range of books, journals, and merchandise on our website to support the mission of redefining education & creating a purposeful life.