About Us

Originated in California, The Purpose Driven School brings a revolutionary concept to ignite educational reform by providing a blueprint for educators and stakeholders. This will lead to academic excellence and highlight practices, pragmatic tools, and strategies that will create vitality in schools and support the progress of all students. With an aim to help educators become intentional about creating great schools, we’ve brought this ground-breaking idea to life to start a journey toward fashioning a better education system.

Our founder, having dedicated her life to improving students learning, has an experience of over 25 years in the academic field. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of education include administrative, operational, and curricular. This range of academic background has given her a broad and detailed look into the inner workings of the school business. She is a practitioner and endeavors to share her knowledge and wisdom with educational leaders, governing boards, policymakers, parents, and the community.

We’re being joined by Dean & Leigh Publishing LLC. who supports the creative genius in novice and seasoned writers, to partner in our motto of creativity and perspective for publishing our books, workbooks, etc. Explore our wide range of books, journals, and merchandise on our website, and join us in this innovative revolution towards developing a better education system for all. 


 Dean & Leigh Publishing, LLC 

 Dean & Leigh Publishing LLC, was founded in 2021.  It is a self-publishing limited liability corporation that was originated to help publish best-selling books from all genres. Dean & Leigh Publishing supports the creative genius in novice and seasoned writers.  We understand that writing is the highest form of intelligence and we would like for writers to share their knowledge, wisdom, and creativity with the world.