The Purpose Driven School

The Purpose Driven School


Schools are the fabric of our country—weaving together the education, history, priorities, and future of our students and our communities. For many years, educational institutions have been the pillars of our society: allies to the government, fuel for the economy, an impact on the social and political climate, and, unfortunately, at the center of perpetuating a system of racial divide.

In order for the field of education to support the progress of all students, and consequently all of humanity, we need to create great schools and ensure that all students receive a quality education. The Purpose-Driven School is a guide to creating vitality in schools—allowing our educational institutions to have purposeful existence and to thrive long-term. With chapters on vision, hiring practices, leadership, the achievement gap, distance learning, and more, The Purpose-Driven School will help educational leaders lead the charge toward fashioning great schools that contribute to a better America.

Education has the ability to redefine a nation that chooses love over hate and humanity over race. With this book, all those connected to education—parents, students, teachers, staff, governing boards, and political leaders—will be armed with the tools needed to have strong and lasting impacts on our schools and beyond.

The Purpose Driven School

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