A School's Vision

A School's Vision

In the business of schools, having a clear vision is absolutely critical. It is an extremely powerful tool to achieve the results you want. If we are going to create great schools, certain practices need to be implemented at the school site, and all of the details of creating a great school center around a starting point….A Vision!!

 So why is a school’s vision so important to creating a great school?

 4 Key Reasons Why a School's Vision is Crucial

1.  It’s Ambitious:   

A vision should be ambitious. An ambitious vision is compelling and sets a standard of excellence. An ambitious vision forces individuals or a team of people to push beyond the status quo. In education, we have been doing things the same for decades, maybe even centuries. Change can only come from innovative and ambitious thinking and actions. More importantly, greatness is birthed from ambition. All of our greatest inventions are the result of ambitious ideas. 

When visions are ambitious and innovative they can expand or elevate our current thinking in a way that can have a positive impact on our quality of life. Educational visions that are ambitious can change our thinking and how we educate and serve all children. When schools have ambitious visions they can create that much-needed social change and ultimately move us closer to dismantling racism in schools. 

So…. a school’s vision can be a catalyst for monumental change.

2.  It’s Inspirational: 

A great vision serves to inspire employees, parents, students, educational partners, and the community at large. When people believe in the school’s vision, they are inspired and motivated to support the work that needs to occur to achieve that vision.

An inspiring vision creates energy and enthusiasm, improving commitment and fostering change. People don’t buy into what you do, they buy into why you do it. So a vision is critical because it in essence explains why you are doing what you do. It articulates the reason why the school exists. 

3.  It’s Unifying:  

When a school's vision is ambitious and inspirational, it unifies. It provides a common interest. It brings people throughout the school community together around a common goal. Not only does a vision give deeper meaning to the work, but it creates a collective consciousness that pools all of the educational partners together so that there is focus and organization in work that contributes to the vision.

4.  It’s a Focal Point for Goal-Setting and Business Planning: 

It streamlines decision-making and operational processes. With everyone working towards common goals, there is greater efficiency in resource allocation.

Vision will help the team define short and long-term goals. Goals will help to mark progress on the path to the vision. They break down the journey into manageable steps, making them measurable and achievable. 

So, it sounds simple right!!!????.........


All schools have a vision that is ambitious, inspirational, unifying, and is a focal point for goal setting and business planning. So why don’t we have an abundance of great schools?

As you all know….Just having a vision doesn’t translate to success. You need an educational dream team who is willing and committed to working towards the vision. An educational dream team consists of all educational partners: administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, volunteers, students, community partners, etc. 

 So how do you get everyone on board? 

  1. Awareness: Communicate the vision to all educational partners regularly.
  2. Dream Team: Hire a team of people who believe in the vision.
  3. Decisions: Ensure that all decisions are tied to the vision.
  4. Accountability: Put in goal setting practices that help everyone take responsibility for their actions and results that contribute to the vision.

Education plays such an important role in society and the world. It makes sense that a huge priority be put into creating great schools. With a focus on the school’s vision by all of the educational partners, great schools are inevitable. 

 Nothing happens without a vision; it is the cornerstone to achieving any goal. Having a vision sets the intention for future goals and desired results.


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